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A bit about us

We became landlords in Headingley in the early 70s and have grown into a lovely small family business over the last 40 (ish) years. We know Leeds very well which helps us be the great landlords that we are!!

We try to run things in an approachable and friendly way. Our long-standing good relationships with the people who work for us and with us - plumbers, carpenters, electricians, roofers etc - mean that we can get things done to a high standard relatively quickly and simply. All the people who may pass through your door for one reason or another (such as the annual safety checks we do) are all friendly people who are local, often run their own businesses and as such rely on providing good service. Like us, they are usually happy to help with any explanations or questions you may have and are trust worthy.

We have a family of our own with 3 (now adult) children who have all gone through universities around the UK; further studies; living & working in different cities/countries so we know what it is like from both sides of the renting - tenant and landlord. We base most of what we do in our business on trust and good relations with our tenants - which is possibly why we have good experiences with tenants and get many people returning to us or recommending us.

Members of the UNIPOL Code for landlords

Members of the Residential Landlord Association (RLA)

Members of the Leeds Property Association (LPA)